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Trade house APPOLO LLC is looking for foreign partners in Iran, Vietnam, India, the countries of the Arab League and other countries.

Medical Research and Production Company APPOLO – is one of the largest manufacturers and retailers of first aid in Russia. In 2016 the company celebrated its 20 years.

Among our customers are:

· Industrial enterprises;

Public health institutions - hospitals, burn centers, trauma centers;

Private clinics and centers;

Drugstore chains;

Military hospitals;

Units of civil defense, fire departments, the police, the army;


Our principal activities are:

Production of exclusive gel wound healing and Burns products (gels and dressings);

The production of more than 30 kinds of first-aid kits;

The production of dressings (sterile and non-sterile bandages, gauze lengths of cloth, dressing packs, etc.);

The production of medical equipment for the needs of civil defense and emergencies;

The production of other medical devices.

Company products are sold in the CIS countries - Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan.

Great interest among consumers causes wound-healing dressings and gels, which has a patent. These medical devices marked with a gold medal "Quality Mark of the 21st Century" and used the ambulance service of the Russian Federation.

The company has implemented a quality management system conforming to GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001: 2008) and GOST ISO 13485-2011 (ISO 13485: 2003).




Tel: (495) 380-21-47 (ext. 229)

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