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A Korean company to invest in a unique production facility in Altai

Siberia's only functional food plant is expected to be launched in Novoaltaisk. This project ranks among the region's TOP12 and attracted foreign investors' attention e...


A Finnish company to invest more than RUB 1 billion in a logistics hub in the Leningrad Region

Finnish Telko Oy is planning to invest more than 1 billion rubles to construct a logistics hub in Greenstate industrial park, Leningrad Region. This was reported by the Regional Ad...


An investor is wanted in Saratov for a park and mountain skiing complex

Valery Sarayev, the Head of Saratov's Administration, has presented a concept design contemplating the creation of a winter sports and entertainment facility in vicinity of the...


A large industrial cluster to be called "Esipovo" is sought to be constructed in the vicin...

Two large industrial parks to be called "Esipovo" will have been erected in Peshkovskoye rural settlement by 2020 pursuant to an order issued by Governor Andrey Vorobiyev...


A new Top Secret brand store to be opened in Kyrov

A Top Secret brand shop is going to be opened in Kyrov in January. Today, the network has a footprint in many regions of the country from the Central District to the Kamchatka Pe...


The Moscow Region's third SEZ to be opened in Fryazino

Russia's Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree to create a special economic zone (SEZ) in Fryazino, a Moscow satellite town.


The Ulyanovsk Region picks up an international reward for its contribution into investment climate i...

The Ulyanovsk Region earned a silver award in the nomination "For Contribution in Improving Investment Climate in Russia".


Land plots expected to be alloted for lease without tendering in Tatarstan

Tatarstan's Cabinet of Ministers adopted a document allowing investors to rent land in the Republic for investment purposes without any competitive tendering. Tatarstan's I...


Toyota's Saint-Petersburg Plant was first to start its conveyor up after the New Year holidays

Saint-Petersburg-based automotive plant owned by Toyota, a Japanese concern,  started its conveyor after the New Year holidays on the 10th of January. The plant was the f...


BASF chemical concern (represented in the Central Black Earth Region) to launch an umbrella project ...

BASF, an international chemical concern, is entering the Russian market with an integrated 'field to counter' proposal for enterprises belonging to Russia's agroindustr...


Authorities looking for an investor to invest in flour milling facilities in the Kaliningrad Region

The regional government intends to support flour milling facilities as part of its efforts aimed at ensuring food supply security in the Kaliningrad Region.


A Russian-and-Israeli medical center to be created in Ingushetia

A Russian-and-Israeli medical center is going to be constructed in Ingushetia and this topic was discussed by Mr. Yunus-Bek Evkurov, the Governor of Ingushetia, with Mrs. Svetlana ...

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04.12.2019 TVEL completes the contract for supply of fuel pellets to India for Tarapur NPP

TVEL JSC has shipped to India the final consignment of uranium  fuel pellets for BWR reactors and thereby fulfilled the relevant contract with the Department of Atomic En...

26.09.2019 Vietnam-Russia Bilateral Ties Deepen, Boost Investment

Russia was one of the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with Vietnam, laying the groundwork for a strong bilateral and economic relationship between the countries.

04.09.2019 Russias trade turnover with African states up 17% in 2018

Russias trade turnover with the African states increased by more than 17% in 2018 to $20.4 bln. A representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry told TASS that the majority of...



18.04.2018 Pskov State University Increases Its International Student Body Thirty...

Higher education can be a profitable export business, provided the system is built correctly and qua...

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03.05.2017 Anna Trubetskaya: "Business should be built on Russians"

About the models of business development in another country and professional secrets is told by a practicing expert on work in international markets Anna Trubetskaya

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