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Saratov Region Is The Only Exporter Of Acrylonitrile In Russia

Saratov Region Is The Only Exporter Of Acrylonitrile In Russia

From January to May, 2018 Saratov Region has exported almost 71 thous. tn of acrylonitrile worth $94.63 mln.

Thus acrylonitrile export value has increased by 44% compared to the same period of 2017.

Saratov Region is the only Russian region that exports acrylonitrile.

Saratov’s acrylonitrile has been imported by five countries. Turkey has ranked 1st and accounted for 79.8% of acrylonitrile exported by Saratov. India has ranked 2nd (12.9%), Portugal has ranked 3rd (6.5%), Hungary has ranked 4th (0.7%), and Thailand has ranked 5th (0.1%).


Saratov Region Export Acrylonitrile Russia

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