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Tomsk Chamber of Commerce

Tomsk Chamber of Commerce (Tomsk CCI) –non governmental, non-profit organization, affiliated to the system of Chambers of Commerce in Russia. The mission of Tomsk CCI is that combining the businesses and acting on the bases of the law of Russian federation “ On Chambers of Commerce in the Russian Federation”, to promote the growth of a socially oriented economy and to improve the quality of life in the country:

- Expresses and defends the interest of business in the state and local authorities;

- Participates in the development of business service infrastructure;

- Promotes goods, services of the objects of intellectual property of Russian enterprises on domestic and foreign markets;

- Distributes civilized principles of doing business;

- Contributes on formation of positive business image of Russian producers, goods and services;

- Conducts a policy of social responsibility of businessmen and their associations.

Since its founding in 1992 the main aim of Tomsk CCI has been contribution to create an enabling environment for business enterprises in Tomsk and Tomsk region and the development of their direct links with foreign partners in the field of economy, trade and science.

Currently Tomsk Chamber of Commerce – is:

- Mediator in the dialog with the executive and legislative authority;

- Assistant in the development of foreign economic activity of the enterprise;

- Conductor in the modern information environment in search of business partners and investors;

- Advisor on business at the international level;

- Recognition and prestige in business circles.

According to the President of Tomsk CCI Arkady Eskin : “ Today Tomsk Chamber of Commerce is modern infrastructure of the development of market relations, which communicate between small and medium business, industry, potential partners and authorities.

Currently members of the Chamber are 220 companies and organizations. Those are the leading large enterprises, building contractors of Tomsk region, the firms that are representatives of the small and medium business, public organizations and associations. They represent almost all industries: chemical, engineering, woodworking, pharmaceutical, and retail, construction, small and medium business.

In addition , Tomsk CCI is a member of “MPO Tomsk”, Partnership of industrialists and businessmen of Tomsk”, Tomsk regional branch of the Russian Union of Industrialists and businessmen , as well as Siberian Interregional Chamber of Appraisers.

Tomsk CCI is developing and expanding its links with the regional chambers throughout Russia, Russian Chamber of Commerce offices abroad and international organizations that provide assistance to business. Agreement on cooperation signed with Almaty, Omsk, Novosibirsk Chambers of Commerce, as well as with the Chamber of Commerce of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Indian Business organization, Moscow office of Korean Agency of trade and investment facilitation and etc.

The Chamber actively developing new links and also supports the traditionally established links with foreign partners such as Academy of management of Lower Saxony; representation of German economy in the Russian federation; CCI of Almaty, CCI of Kyrgyz Republic ; Karaganda CCI ; CCI of East Kazakhstan region(Kazakhstan); CCI of Mongolia; administration of the Republic of the Uzbekistan of Tashkent Region; CCI of Strasbourg and the Lower Rhine (France); Taiwan Council for the development of foreign trade; Taiwan association of cooperation with countries of Central and Eastern Europe and CIS; Institute of development of the economics of CCI , economics of Australia and etc.

Main aims and objectives of the activity of Tomsk Chamber of Commerce are:

- Contribution on development of the economy of Tomsk region and Russian Federation;

- Support and protection of the interests of business associations, small businesses and individual businesses in the level of the executive ,legislative and judicial authorities;

- Active participation in developing the most important pieces of legislation and other regulations affecting interests of businessmen of the Chamber.

- Contribution to effective and high quality resolutions of civil disputes through the development of the structure of the Arbitration Court of Tomsk CCI;

- Expanding the scope of services, improving their quality and high availability for business.

Center for Development Foreign Economic Activity

Center of Development of Business

Center for Working with Member Organizations of Tomsk CCI

Center of Examination and Certification


Address: 634041, Russia, Tomsk, 71 a, Krasnoarmeyskaya

Telephone number: +7 3822 433 130
Fax number:+7 3822 433 218


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